Sistahs’SkinCare Shea Sugar Scrubs strips away the layers of grime and dirt on your skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revived and moisturized. While adding a nourishing blend of healthy vitamins to your body, with the awakening  scent of fresh strawberry! Our products are made with nothing but ALL NATURAL ingredients. Our scrubs are paraben, chemical and cruelty free! We want nothing but the best for your skin! Our products are sure to leave a GLOW after applying!

Strawberry Sugar Shea Scrub

  • Instructions:
    1. Moisten Skin in shower/bath.
    2. Apply "Berry Strawberry Shea Sugar Scrubs" Generously all over.
    3. Rinse Off

    4. Pat skin dry. 

    *Caution*: Remember to pat dry, to reduce risk of removing moisturizing oils.

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